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January 26, 2014

Had a very good weekend - cold but good.  Yoga class on Saturday was just what I needed after a long week at work, needed to really de-stress - all energized and ready for the new week.

Spent a good part of Sunday making some cards & tags,  not as many as I wanted to - but, no worries had lots of fun.

Spending the evening watching the Grammy's with Dinesh and Mr. Craft.  It's amazing, I too must be somewhat of a vintage because I don't  know half the artists - not sure I want to age myself, but I have no idea who half these artists are - guess I better switch from the Oldies channel to today's music - lol.   Kinda like the song by some chic named Lorde .... not quite sure about her performance specially with the spasm's!

Oh well, have to keep watching - very entertaining and I must say some good music.

Have a great week - Sharon  

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  1. Love the framed chalkboard. Everyone should have one......I could not watch the awards show because I did not know who half of them were either.......after Lourdes, I decided to watch Lizzie Borden....while sewing.....I know who she is!


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