Post Snow

January 24, 2014

Welcome again to my 'new' blogging platform - after giving it a lot of thought, research, and just talking to friends - I finally made the decision to switch blogging platforms.  It was a tough decision as I had put in a lot of heart and soul into the old one - I have to say a big thank you to Marlin who designed it and was so patient with me when I first started this journey.  But, change is good and I am excited to share my journey going forward with friends and my fellow crafter's.  

So ....  jump on and lets have some fun.

Ok, so it's only half way through January, and we just came out of our first 'big' snow storm earlier this week here in the DC, Maryland area with close to about 7" - temperatures are hovering around 3 degrees right now.  Not sure about everyone else, but I am done with winter, yeah I know ..... we still have February to get through.

But, look at it this way - 54 days to the first day of spring  --  Yes!!!

Spring - the time for craft shows & festivals and flea markets - my absolute favorite. You never know what you will find as you stroll through isles of vintage treasure.

Here is something I found at a flea market last year - a beautiful vintage night stand ......brought it home, fixed it up and painted it using my favorite - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.


So, let's get ready to have fun and get lost at as many flea markets as you can this year.

Until next time, stay warm  - Sharon 


2 Responses to “Post Snow”

  1. Flea markets and roadside yard sales....this is what life offers to the creative spirit in each of us. I will be keeping an eye out for items to be
    re-purposed in the garden and of course all things beautiful.......see you at the market........

  2. yes, we need to make it to a flea market together.


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