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Post Easter

April 30, 2014

Hi everyone! So, Easter is over (I know it's been two weeks already), but now I can officially say we are in Spring - it really is beautiful to see all the spring blooms popping up all over.  This is also the time for some serious flea market shopping :)

Going back to Easter - it was nice to see everyone and celebrate this glorious holiday.  Katryna was home for 4 days and it was great to see her and have her home.  Both Katryna and Dinesh have grown up so very quickly, not sure where the time has gone.  Dinesh is taller than me and he looked so good and very grown up in his suite ..... as usual I was running around trying take pictures of the two of them - which they both hate .... oh well!  I keep telling them that they will thank me 50 years down the road when their kids want to see  pictures of them in their teens :)  I love taking pictures, putting them in beautiful frames and placing them all over the house - it just make a house a home.

                                                                    Katryna & Dinesh

With all the preparations for Easter, I decided to dabble with painting some terra cotta pots and trying my hand with some simple stenciling - they turned out well :)  I ended up using them to hold my cutlery and napkins - something different from the usual.  It was kinda fun painting them, think I might do a few more and also do a few with holiday designs - I have signed up for 2 holiday bazaar's in November & 1 in December.

Until next time .........

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April 14, 2014

I think spring is finally here to stay - this means flea markets, garage sales and craft festivals :) :)  It also means going up to the lake to just get away from the crazy stressful lives we lead. Looking forward to spending some lazy days with family this summer.

Easter is around the corner ..... 6 days and counting!   Katryna comes home for a few days - haven't seen her since her birthday in early March :)  As always, will be celebrating Easter with family and close friends and hoping the weather will stay nice and warm with no rain for the traditional Easter egg hunt for the kids.

We have also been working on a big remodeling project over the past month and a half.  Mr. Craft and our son have been remodeling one of the bathrooms upstairs.  Its been a long  project but the end result is absolutely beautiful - the two of them worked so hard on trying to finish it before Easter ....... we have a few more details to finish up by weeks end.  I will post some of the 'before' and 'after' pictures later.

With everything going on, I also bought a few perennials this past weekend for our planter bed in the back yard.  We had it all cleaned up and it is ready for me to work on - the plan was to start yesterday, but woke up with my allergies in overdrive ....... oh well.  As much as I (and everyone else) are glad, happy and thrilled that Sping is finally upon us ..... it is the season for allergies - yes with everything blooming, I am just miserable.  It's kinda hard to be working in the garden with a stuffy head - hoping the medication kicks in real fast so I can enjoy all this beauty.

As for my card making - I am working on placing my cards again this spring/summer at two of our local family run stores - in time for Mother's Day :)    Here are some of the cards I made recently for a craft festival - enjoy!

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April 5, 2014

I have not been blogging lately only because I have been working on giving my blog a new look. I worked with a wonderful person who was not only patient with all the questions I had, but came up with some wonderful designs to choose from. So for anyone who is looking to have a blog or website custom designed, please reach out to Jana at Thank you Jana!

Finally, I have two things to be super happy about - my new blog design and ssssspppprrrriiiiiggggg is finally here. Yes, spring is here and it feels so so good - it is so wonderful to see all the little spring bulbs peeking all over town.

The last few days have been in the 60's and just divine. I have promised myself to write at a minimum once a week ..... hopefully more.  So here I am again and ready to share my stories about my crafts and everything in between.

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