April 14, 2014

I think spring is finally here to stay - this means flea markets, garage sales and craft festivals :) :)  It also means going up to the lake to just get away from the crazy stressful lives we lead. Looking forward to spending some lazy days with family this summer.

Easter is around the corner ..... 6 days and counting!   Katryna comes home for a few days - haven't seen her since her birthday in early March :)  As always, will be celebrating Easter with family and close friends and hoping the weather will stay nice and warm with no rain for the traditional Easter egg hunt for the kids.

We have also been working on a big remodeling project over the past month and a half.  Mr. Craft and our son have been remodeling one of the bathrooms upstairs.  Its been a long  project but the end result is absolutely beautiful - the two of them worked so hard on trying to finish it before Easter ....... we have a few more details to finish up by weeks end.  I will post some of the 'before' and 'after' pictures later.

With everything going on, I also bought a few perennials this past weekend for our planter bed in the back yard.  We had it all cleaned up and it is ready for me to work on - the plan was to start yesterday, but woke up with my allergies in overdrive ....... oh well.  As much as I (and everyone else) are glad, happy and thrilled that Sping is finally upon us ..... it is the season for allergies - yes with everything blooming, I am just miserable.  It's kinda hard to be working in the garden with a stuffy head - hoping the medication kicks in real fast so I can enjoy all this beauty.

As for my card making - I am working on placing my cards again this spring/summer at two of our local family run stores - in time for Mother's Day :)    Here are some of the cards I made recently for a craft festival - enjoy!

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  1. Absolutely adore the olive green pressed cards. Is that a set of cards in the same color? How many in a set? Simply beautiful!


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