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Everything Vintage

May 20, 2014

Hi!  I am trying so hard to post at least 2/3 times a week - it's not easy when you are working full time.  I try to use my commute time in the morning & evening to catch up with reading all the wonderful craft blogs and getting inspired ..... which really makes it even harder to not want to do anything than just craft all day.  Oh well, hopefully one day soon!

I take the commuter train to Washington, D.C. from Germantown - which has a somewhat vintage looking train station. Clearly, the station has some history which was first built in 1878.

It was later taken down when Ephraim Francis Baldwin was appointed the head architect for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and re-built in 1891.  In 1978 vandals burned down the station ... but with the help of federal funding and the original plans of Francis Baldwin, which were archived at the B & O Railroad Historical Society, it was reconstructed on the original site in 1987.  Currently the train operates between West Virginia and Washington, DC along the Brunswick line.


Along the lines of every thing Vintage, here are a few more pictures of what I have collected at the lake house.

Until next time .....................

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At the Lake

May 14, 2014

It's already Wednesday, or 'hump day' as it is more affectionately called.  Meant to post this on Monday, but as you can see, time sure got away from me

This past weekend was very busy at the lake - Mr. Craft & I headed to the lake to open up the house for the summer.  Yep, lots of cleaning, dusting off cobwebs, pulling out deck furniture etc - it pretty much rained all day on Saturday, so the cleaning inside worked out well ..... yep, until we had to go outside to pull out the furniture .... but it was all good - got quite a bit of stuff done.   Saturday evening we ended up going to the lodge for a couple of drinks & dinner, which was nice just to sit back & relax after a long busy, rainy day.

As I was cleaning, I decided to take pictures of some of the vintage furniture and stuff I have in the house - didn't realize quite what I had - I still have a lot of decorating to do .. too many empty walls and corners ~ I guess that's what flea markets are all about!

Love this basin and jug!

Got back home early on Sunday in time to celebrate Mother's Day. Grilled some great steaks, kebab's & hamburgers :)  together with all the fixings including a mean potato salad made by my mother-in-law.  Dines was so cute - he gave me a Mother's Day card (of course made my  but funny card from Dinesh ......  he has quite the sense of humor!

My sister-in-law gave me a neat book - The Everything Guide  to Selling Arts & Crafts Online.  Just flipped through the first couple of pages ..... good reading on the train ride to work and back.

So the next big news is the annual Scrapbook show on June 20/21.  This will be my first time - already took the day off from work and plan on spending the entire day on Friday checking out some of the work shops and filling as many bags as I can carry with paper, embellishments, punches, holiday paper, etc. :) kinda like being a kid in a huge toy store ........... cannot wait!

Until next time ...................

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Happy Mother's Day!

May 10, 2014

Hi There!  Mother's Day - by far one of the most important days in the year .... being a mom is the most rewarding & gratifying job in the world!  A mom is so much more than fixing meals, chicken soup when your kids are sick, shuttling them back and forth from track, football practice etc. - it also means being able to be understanding, having patience (some times that is reeaallyy hard), empathy, strength, humor, compassionate, friend & a protector no matter how old they are - and the most important, having unconditional love.    

I am blessed to be a mom and I would not trade it for all the gold on earth :) I have two beautiful children and they are my life (in addition to Mr. Craft).  I still have some early Mother's Day notes the kids made for me in elementary school .... had to share them.

Paper Weights

I wish my mother was with us today, she was the anchor to all of us - tough, loving, open minded, always had a tale to tell - loved listening to some of the stories ......  and like all moms, she guided us to make sure we stayed on track - we are who we are and where we are today because of her, and I thank her for all she was and will continue to be!

To my two sister's and my sister-in-law .... and to all the moms out there an absolutely blessed Mother's Day!

Until next time .................

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Happy Friday

May 2, 2014

Yes, It's Friday! It's been a looonnnggg week at work - so very happy the weekend is here :)  the first half of the week was  a solid three days of non stop heavy rain, but ..... the weather gurus are calling for a nice sunny weekend which will be very welcoming and desperately needed for ones sanity if nothing else.

Great weather and busy weekend, our neighbors for the past 15 years are packing up and moving to NC. The neighborhood has planned a farewell for them tomorrow and looking forward to seeing everyone.  Mr. Craft and I are going to miss Bob & Beth very much - they are the nicest folks and have been absolutely wonderful neighbors.  Wishing them all the very best in the next chapter of their lives and with all of Gods blessings.

Yep, May is already here and it is looking like a pretty busy month - still to make it up to the lake to open up the house and get it ready for the summer - the plan hopefully is next weekend.  I am just looking forward to spending the weekends catching a flea market here and there or just lazing around. We all need to somehow find the time to literally stop and smell the roses - sometimes I wish Mr. Craft and I could just pick up and move way out into the country somewhere, maybe find an old house that is a fixer upper with a good bit of land to do a little farming ....... you know, raise some chicken, cows, etc. and just get away from all this hustle and bustle.  Oh well, it sure is nice to dream!

On that note, I am ready to turn in for the night - hope everyone has a great weekend enjoying the nice weather.  Until next time .............

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