Happy Friday

May 2, 2014

Yes, It's Friday! It's been a looonnnggg week at work - so very happy the weekend is here :)  the first half of the week was  a solid three days of non stop heavy rain, but ..... the weather gurus are calling for a nice sunny weekend which will be very welcoming and desperately needed for ones sanity if nothing else.

Great weather and busy weekend, our neighbors for the past 15 years are packing up and moving to NC. The neighborhood has planned a farewell for them tomorrow and looking forward to seeing everyone.  Mr. Craft and I are going to miss Bob & Beth very much - they are the nicest folks and have been absolutely wonderful neighbors.  Wishing them all the very best in the next chapter of their lives and with all of Gods blessings.

Yep, May is already here and it is looking like a pretty busy month - still to make it up to the lake to open up the house and get it ready for the summer - the plan hopefully is next weekend.  I am just looking forward to spending the weekends catching a flea market here and there or just lazing around. We all need to somehow find the time to literally stop and smell the roses - sometimes I wish Mr. Craft and I could just pick up and move way out into the country somewhere, maybe find an old house that is a fixer upper with a good bit of land to do a little farming ....... you know, raise some chicken, cows, etc. and just get away from all this hustle and bustle.  Oh well, it sure is nice to dream!

On that note, I am ready to turn in for the night - hope everyone has a great weekend enjoying the nice weather.  Until next time .............

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  1. That mindset is exactly what Arianna Huffington speaks about in her book THRIVE......such a worthwhile read!!! Thansk for sharing!!!


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