Happy Mother's Day!

May 10, 2014

Hi There!  Mother's Day - by far one of the most important days in the year .... being a mom is the most rewarding & gratifying job in the world!  A mom is so much more than fixing meals, chicken soup when your kids are sick, shuttling them back and forth from track, football practice etc. - it also means being able to be understanding, having patience (some times that is reeaallyy hard), empathy, strength, humor, compassionate, friend & a protector no matter how old they are - and the most important, having unconditional love.    

I am blessed to be a mom and I would not trade it for all the gold on earth :) I have two beautiful children and they are my life (in addition to Mr. Craft).  I still have some early Mother's Day notes the kids made for me in elementary school .... had to share them.

Paper Weights

I wish my mother was with us today, she was the anchor to all of us - tough, loving, open minded, always had a tale to tell - loved listening to some of the stories ......  and like all moms, she guided us to make sure we stayed on track - we are who we are and where we are today because of her, and I thank her for all she was and will continue to be!

To my two sister's and my sister-in-law .... and to all the moms out there an absolutely blessed Mother's Day!

Until next time .................

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