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Father's Day

June 17, 2014

Hi there!   been away for a while - we have family visiting from Sri Lanka and it's been busy catching up with them and spending the weekends at the lake.  This past weekend we celebrated Father's Day with Mr. Craft, uncle, brother-in-law, father-in-law and a good friend whose family is back in Sri Lanka right now.  I have been so very blessed to have had a great dad, and our kids are blessed just the same.
I know all the dads out there are very special in their own way, and Mr. Craft is very very special in his own way as well and we love him dearly.  He is the rock behind me and an absolutely super dad (a bit biased I guess) to Katryna and Dinesh. : )

It's a hot and muggy week this week, but hey it beats the snow. But with all this hot and humid weather comes tornadoes which just caused havoc in Nebraska & Wisconsin yesterday ....... lots and lots of damage with so many loosing their homes - our prayers to all and we ask God to help those who have lost everything, and give them the strength to get back on their feet and bring some sort of normalcy back in their lives.

Until next time .................

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Summer is Here!

June 3, 2014

Hi!  Well summer is here for sure! 80 & humid is what they are calling for today .... I guess we should not be complaining considering the loooong winter we had.  Hoping to do some grilling of some hamburgers tonight if it does not rain - if it does, I guess it will be pizza!

Heading up to the lake this weekend - the Cottage Pine Antique store in Somerset, PA is having their annual flea market sale .... really looking forward to spending a good part of the day browsing and hoping to pick up a few things for the lake house :)  there is nothing like spending a day just walking through a flea market & admiring all the beautiful vintage treasure folks have collected over the years .....

...... sort of like this little cute Coca Cola tray I found when digging through some of my some stuff I had stashed away.
Hope you all have a great day
                                                  Until next time ..................

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