Summer is Here!

June 3, 2014

Hi!  Well summer is here for sure! 80 & humid is what they are calling for today .... I guess we should not be complaining considering the loooong winter we had.  Hoping to do some grilling of some hamburgers tonight if it does not rain - if it does, I guess it will be pizza!

Heading up to the lake this weekend - the Cottage Pine Antique store in Somerset, PA is having their annual flea market sale .... really looking forward to spending a good part of the day browsing and hoping to pick up a few things for the lake house :)  there is nothing like spending a day just walking through a flea market & admiring all the beautiful vintage treasure folks have collected over the years .....

...... sort of like this little cute Coca Cola tray I found when digging through some of my some stuff I had stashed away.
Hope you all have a great day
                                                  Until next time ..................

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