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21 Years!

July 23, 2014

Hi!  Twenty-One years married today!

Seems like a long time but not really - Mr. Craft & I have been truly blessed these 21 years with two beautiful kids and a love that has grown deeper and stronger over the years not just from our hearts, but from our very souls ...... he is the best thing that ever happened to me in every aspect of my life - my biggest supporter in everything, whether it's my career, or my crafting.  He is an absolutely wonderful father to Katryna & Dinesh, puts up with me and my craziness which can be exhausting by itself :)  specially when I have those mid-life moments and trust me they seem to come pretty frequently ... haha.  The best 'moment' was when I decided to start my crafting journey about 4/5 years - he just gave me this look thinking, "ok, she is having one of those moments, again!

Mr. Craft has always gone along for the ride no matter what it is - we both love the same things ...... whether it is sitting out on the deck and enjoying a drink together, travelling, cooking, etc., and yes, even dabbling with me and my crafts. He actually loves building or upcycling something for me - made a great coffee table with an old vintage window I had not too long ago.

So, to my rock and my soul mate - happy anniversary and looking forward to spending the next 21 years and many many more after that - love you very much sweetie.

Until next time ........................


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Summer, Summer, Summer

July 22, 2014

Hi Everyone! Summer is half way through and it has been great so far.  We have family visiting from Sri Lanka & London which has kept us all busy but having a great time ...... the only hard part has been staying up late chatting away - waking up each morning at 5:30 has been reeaaalllyyyy rough :)

Oh well, life is still good - this past weekend we were at the lake with lots of family, the weather was sort of over cast most of the day on Saturday with patches of rain here & there - so my cousins and I decided to do some flea market shopping ....... had lots of fun driving around the country side of Pennsylvania.  We all ended up picking up a few goodies - my little prize was a vintage stool that swirls, if I have to guess, it's close to about 80/90 years old.  The detail in the legs with the little rolling ball on the end of each leg encased with some wrought iron is absolutely beautiful. 


So the plan is to clean it up, fix the seat and upholster it ....... will have to dig out some of my scraps of material to see what I have - just absolutely love it ...... even Mr. Craft loves it!

Also picked up a few other odds & ends including two blue mason jars.  The possibilities with these little beauties are endless!  No matter what, I can never seem to come home without a few jars.  The holiday container will go nicely with my table deco at our annual holiday party & the little pin cushion rocker with the thread holders on the arms ....... perfect accessory by my sewing machine


.All in all a great weekend!  The sun sure did come up on Sunday and we took in an early morning boat ride enjoying the quiet and the beautiful day God blessed us with.  Later on the kids got in some tubing, and before you knew it ........ yep, it was time to come back.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of the lake and until next time .....................

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