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End of Summer - Sort Of .......

August 27, 2014

Hi!  Now that schools have started, I guess you can say that summer is 'unofficially' over.  For us it was an exceptionally hard end to the summer as Katryna started her junior year in college - in Florence, Italy!  The week leading up to her leaving on Sunday was really rough, for both her and us - it was very hard to say bye at the airport ....... but, I have to constantly remind myself that she is growing up, or should I say 'grown up' and is embarking on her own life.

Studying in Italy was a dream she had for a long long time, and we are happy and blessed to give her this opportunity.  I know she is going to enjoy every minute of her stay in Florence.  Over the summer, she and her room mate were planning several trips to different places in Europe ........ I guess if there was any a time to do it, it's now before she settles into a job in a year or two.  Although, it was only yesterday that Mr. Craft realized that this is more like a 4 month European vacation that mom & dad are paying for.   Oh well, like I said before, we are so blessed that we are able to give her this opportunity - for Katryna, travelling and seeing the world is in her blood, and this is just the beginning of her life adventures.  We miss her lots, and cannot wait to see her back home in December.


We also have our 'little boy' who started his junior year in high school.  This is a big year for him with college decisions and college visits between now and next spring.  The other big part of this school year is Dinesh switching from trumpet to drum line in the marching band - he is so so excited ..... actually we are too - cannot wait till the first home game to see the band perform.  It's going to be a tough year - it's only day three and homework is taking three plus hours!

So with all the happenings with the kids and now that we are back to somewhat of a 'routine', I am back to making my cards and to more frequent blogging.  My yoga studio, Sage Yoga will be carrying my yoga inspired cards - thank you Heidi!  I also have to get ready for the first holiday bazaar in November - where is the time going.  I sure have my work cut out for me over the next couple of weeks, but very excited.

So, here's to a great school year to all.  Thank you for stopping by and until next time ...........


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