Yoga Inspired Note Cards

September 14, 2014

Yes, the Redskins won today!  But it came with a price, our quarterback, RG III got hurt with a dislocated ankle and it does not look very good ...... all of Washington will be hoping he can come back before the season is over - but in the mean time Kirk Cousins came in and did an awesome job giving us a win and hope for the season with a possibility that RG III may be out for the season.

We are huge Skins fans ...... I mean huge fans & Sundays are all football in our house ........ we miss having Katryna here States side watching the games at SJU, hopefully she will have can stream it on her laptop or find a restaurant in Florence that shows the games catering to all the American students.

RG III - here's hoping for a speedy recovery!


Yoga inspired note cards - here are a few pictures of what I made for Sage Yoga Studio - tell me what you think!




Thank you Heidi.  These were lots of fun to make and package, since they are so different from the birthday & thank you cards I usually make .......... my favorite is the Tree of Life card.

Next project - holiday cards and gifts!

Thanks for stopping in.  Until next time ................

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