January 26, 2015


It's been a little over three months since my last post - way too long!  I have to get back to spending more time on my card making and other crafting projects -I have missed going down to my little nook of a craft room.  So here's to short posts as I start 2015. 

As much as I love making cards, I have to say that my first love is still fixing up and repainting furniture - specially the one of a kind vintage pieces, like this old revolving stool which I picked up last summer.  I had it in a post last summer - what I love most about it, is the unique cast iron wheels on it's legs.  On second thought I may just keep it in its original condition.

Last fall I picked up this neat Singer machine base - the plan is to turn it into a little corner lamp table.  That's where Mr. Craft comes in ..... may be an old shutter or window, or maybe a piece of wood with either a complementing stain or paint.

Until next time .................

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