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February 23, 2015


So, for those of us living in the DC metro area, what a surprise with all the snow we got on Saturday..... well, 10" later we all just put our hands up and just made the best of it ~ I have to say, it is always a beautiful 'Christmas card' looking scene.  I really thought the last snow storm earlier in the week was the last for the season, but I guess Mother Nature thinks otherwise.

So here's the last snow picture for the season!

The snow did bring some time to spend down in the craft room ~ I made a few birthday tags using some beautiful designs inspired by Melisa Phillips at Lily Bean Paperie.  We have a few March birthdays coming around the corner, which these would be perfect to add to a gift.

The first birthday is Katryna's ~ 21 on the 9th!  I am struggling with how time has passed so quickly. I still remember bringing her home from the hospital, a tiny little bundle who has grown up to be a beautiful strong young women.  

For all of us just counting down the days to spring ~ 24 days!

Until next time ........................

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February 15, 2015


Quick post ~ The weather is bitterly cold with some snow coming Monday night through Tuesday morning.  Heading out to work in the morning is going to be rough ...... but at least it will be an easy traffic day as it is President's Day.

I was going through some of my pictures and found some mason jars and tags I made a few years back when I first started crafting ~ my favorite is the second one.

These are some tags I created using shipping labels ~ my favorite being the one with the bird.

I found some time this weekend to finish my paper wreath, which I will upload later this week, but I also worked on some cards & tags getting ready for Mothers Day, which is not too far away.  

Have a great week & until next time .............

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February 8, 2015


I am watching the Grammy Awards with Dinesh and Mr. Craft ~ it's nice to just sit and do nothing .... well, I am writing this blog, so I guess I am doing something.

The weekends just go by way too fast, what with all the chores that need to be done, it leaves very little time to sneak away and get lost in my little crafty nook .... oh, and what a feeling it is to just sit in there and paint or make some cards, or just flip through the pages of some of the craft magazines on the shelf.

My favorite are the Stampington magazines ~ not only do they have the most beautiful pictures, but they also give you so much inspiration.  I picked these three over the weekend to get myself going with all the things I want to do - with Spring around the corner, there is so much crafting one can do,

So if you have a creative bone in your body, get up and give it a try ~ it does not have to be perfect, it has to be unique to you.  

I still have a long way to go!

So until next time ........

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February 3, 2015


Well, it's only Tuesday and the past weekend seems like a distant memory.  It was a kinda busy weekend ~ Katryna came home to watch the Super Bowl, and as always it is so good to having her home.  She convinced Mr. Craft to start watching the Game of Thrones series, so the two of them watched a couple of episodes of season one, and of course he is hooked on it ..... now have another TV show to add to our list of 'catch up'.

I am not going to talk about the Super Bowl as I am sure we are all talked out, analyzing it every which way .... but what a game!  tense up to the very last few seconds ~ too bad Seattle lost the way they did.

Any how, getting back to the weekend - while everyone else was watching TV, I decided to try my hand at painting some mason jars.  With Spring not too far away, I used some very light colors, which turned out not too shabby .....  the pink jar ended up with a little more paint than it needed, but I like the distressed look.  So the plan is to paint a few more this weekend using some really fun summer colors.   As for a supply of vintage jars, there is no shortage of those in my house ...... have plenty of them ~ a collection from yard sales & garage sales over the last few years. 

Perfect for cut spring & summer blooms from the garden

You have to agree, Spring cannot come fast enough ~ one way to look at it ... we are now counting down in weeks and not months before it is actually here. Hope you like the shabby chic jars, if you happen to stop by, let me know what you think.

Until next time .........

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