February 23, 2015


So, for those of us living in the DC metro area, what a surprise with all the snow we got on Saturday..... well, 10" later we all just put our hands up and just made the best of it ~ I have to say, it is always a beautiful 'Christmas card' looking scene.  I really thought the last snow storm earlier in the week was the last for the season, but I guess Mother Nature thinks otherwise.

So here's the last snow picture for the season!

The snow did bring some time to spend down in the craft room ~ I made a few birthday tags using some beautiful designs inspired by Melisa Phillips at Lily Bean Paperie.  We have a few March birthdays coming around the corner, which these would be perfect to add to a gift.

The first birthday is Katryna's ~ 21 on the 9th!  I am struggling with how time has passed so quickly. I still remember bringing her home from the hospital, a tiny little bundle who has grown up to be a beautiful strong young women.  

For all of us just counting down the days to spring ~ 24 days!

Until next time ........................

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