June 1, 2015


Hope everyone had a great weekend ~ it was somewhat of a busy one for us, but I was still able to quickly paint some mason jars.  I have to say, mason jars are one of my favorites, whether it is painting them or using them for candles or anything else ~ they are just lots of fun to work with.  So, here's what I was busy painting over the weekend getting ready for July 4th.

I distressed them a bit to give it a shabby chic look.

One of my favorite is this vintage jar I created a few years back as a candle ......... when lit, it is really beautiful.

Whenever I am up in PA I pick as many jars as I can at yard sales, and I have so many of them that Mr. Craft built me a few shelves to store them all. Several of them are vintage jars which of course are my favorite ~ like these.

I usually don't paint any of the really old ones, but rather collect them and place them around the house just for their simple beauty.

Some of the more plain vintage Ball jars, I like either painting or using them as candles ~ either way, they are all just adorable.  Here are a few I have painted ~ you may have seen some of them on my FB page.  

Perfect for a wedding center piece

Until next time  .......................

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